Senior Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finland
Board Member Type: 
Supporting Countries

Dr. Timo Voipio is senior adviser at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Finland. He leads Government of Finland’s priority action programme on domestic taxation capacity and public finance 2019-2023.

Dr. Voipio has served MFA-Finland for two decades, first as secretary general of the parliamentary development policy committee, and then as senior expert for global social policy and labour issues, representing Finland in multiple professional networks at the EU, African Union, UN, ILO, World Bank, OECD and academic networks.

In 2015-19 he was Director of the EU Social Protection Systems Programme (EU-SPS), supporting social protection capacity development in 10 African and Asian countries. Dr. Voipio has worked for the ILO in Geneva, as research manager for the International Social Security Association ISSA. He learned Kiswahili while working in Tanzania as adviser and facilitator for participatory rural development planning and media work.

Dr. Voipio holds an MA in economic and social history and environmental economics from Helsinki University and a PhD in global social policy from University of Eastern Finland.