Publication Type: 
Closed calls
Published Date: 
September, 2020

Request for proposals for the redesign and migration of


The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) is looking for an experienced web development team to migrate our current site ( from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. In addition, we plan to carry out a substantive redesign of the site’s user experience and presentation, including but not limited to: navigation and search in four languages, updated options for downloading and visualising our data, visual material and graphics, and an update to our API.

We require an online platform that is easy to use and navigate and presents the EITI’s core themes in an engaging and visual way. After the redesign and migration, we will require maintenance of the site for 2021. Renewal of the maintenance contract will be dependent on satisfactory performance.

The EITI is therefore seeking bids for the following two elements:

  • The migration and redesign of

  • Maintenance of the website for 2021

The deadline for tender proposals was 15 November 2020,.



We invited interested parties to join our webinar on Wednesday 5 November, where we discussed the Terms of Reference and answered questions from participants. The questions and answers from the webinar are available here. The recording of the webinar is below.