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Tipo de publicación: 
Guidance note
Published Date: 
March, 2022

Guidance Note: EITI Requirements 1.4, 6.3, 7.1 and 7.4

Gender-responsive EITI implementation

This guidance note refers to the 2019 EITI Standard

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There are structural barriers that impede women from equally participating in and benefiting from the natural resource sector. In response to stakeholder demands for more attention to gender issues related to extractive sector governance, the EITI Standard was revised to include provisions that promote diverse participation on multi-stakeholder groups (MSGs), gender-sensitive data disclosures, and outreach and dissemination activities to foster dialogue and improve data accessibility for women and men. 

This note provides guidance and examples for MSGs to implement these provisions and promote gender-responsive EITI implementation. It is structured in line with the related requirements of the EITI Standard:

  • Section 1 provides guidance on promoting women’s representation and meaningful participation in MSGs, in accordance with Requirement 1.4.
  • Section 2 covers employment data disaggregated by gender, in accordance with Requirement 6.3.
  • Section 3 provides guidance on the type of inclusive outreach and dissemination activities to better adapt to the needs of different genders and groups, in accordance with Requirement 7.1.
  • Section 4 provides guidance on documenting progress on gender or inclusiveness-related activities in EITI implementation, in accordance with Requirement 7.4.

The final section “Going further” looks at gender as a cross-cutting issue that affects EITI implementation more broadly, and outlines gender-related linkages to other EITI requirements. It highlights opportunities for MSGs to ensure that EITI implementation is gender-responsive and to better understand how stakeholders interact with EITI data.

It is important to note that gender considerations, and their impact on women’s and men’s access to decision-making and employment in the extractive sector, are highly contextual. The measures that are needed to strengthen women’s participation will differ per country, subsector and sector size. MSGs should therefore be mindful of applying this guidance according to their own country contexts.

MSGs are encouraged to go beyond this guidance to identify and address the specific needs of marginalised groups, with a view to ensuring that EITI processes are inclusive, representative and consider the interests of all stakeholders.