BP is an integrated oil and gas business, headquartered in the UK. The company has operations in Europe, Russia, North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Africa. BP is active in 78 countries and has 73,000 employees across the world. BP is responsible for oil and natural gas exploration, field development and production, gas and power marketing and trading activities.
Supporter since 2007

Statement of Support

We are a founding member of the EITI. We support transparency in the flow of revenue from our oil and gas activities to governments. This helps citizens hold public authorities to account for the way they use funds received through taxes and other agreements. We believe that the comprehensive, multi-stakeholder approach of EITI offers a constructive, negotiated approach that is appropriate for the extractive industries.

Engagement with the EITI

Through the EITI, BP works with governments, non-governmental organisations and international agencies to improve transparency and disclosure of payments to governments. BP recognizes the value of the EITI as an inclusive framework for transparency and dialogue, tailored to fit the local fiscal and legal regimes.

BP supports governments’ efforts towards compliance with the EITI standard and has worked with many countries over the years on the implementation of their EITI commitments. In 2019, the company enacted its global commitment through membership of the EITI Board, supporting decision-making on the new EITI Standard. 

BP supports EITI implementation wherever it has a material upstream presence and participates actively in multi-stakeholder groups in countries where BP is active: 

  • In Iraq, BP represents the International Oil Companies (IOCs) on the multi-stakeholder group (MSG) and is an active participant at sub-committee level, including work plan review and oversight of the corrective actions resulting from the validation process. BP also supports activities to promote the EITI and to streamline disclosure.
  • In Trinidad and Tobago, BP continues to be a committed and active supporter of TTEITI. It is a member of the MSG and chair of the technical sub-committee, providing technical input to the Secretariat.
  • In Mauritania, BP is a member of the multi-stakeholder group since its entry into the country. The company has played a key role in the promotion of transparency in Mauritania. BP is an active participant in MSG activities, supporting the preparation of EITI reports and, in concert with other IOCs, it helps to promote the EITI and communicate its activities.
  • In Senegal, BP engages constructively and collaboratively with the MSG in relevant local activities and through the provision of data for EITI reporting and participation in EITI events. In 2019, with the National Institute for Oil and Gas, BP launched a series of workshops for a wide range of stakeholders, including media and civil society, to promote transparency and local participation.

In other EITI implementing countries, BP is supportive of national EITI processes and is actively engaged through the relevant industry associations in Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

Strengthening transparency

As required under national reporting regulations such as those in effect in the United Kingdom, BP discloses information on payments to governments on a country by country and project basis. Its report includes information on the payments BP made to governments for its upstream activities, including in the form of production entitlements, taxes, royalties, bonuses, fees and infrastructure improvements. The publication of BP's reports can be found on its annual reporting archive on BP's website.  

Statement of support for the EITI on BP's website

EITI Board member

Mr Dominic EMERY

Vice-President, Long-Term Planning, BP