Cairn Energy

Cairn Energy is an independent, United Kingdom-based oil and gas exploration, development and production company. The company has explored, discovered, developed and produced oil and gas in a variety of locations throughout the world and it has extensive experience as operator and partner in all stages of the oil and gas life cycle. Historically, Cairn focused on South Asia, particularly through its discovery, development and production of oil in Rajasthan, India. The company made the largest global offshore discovery of 2014 in Senegal and participated in the development of two of the largest projects in the UK North Sea, Catcher and Kraken, which began production in 2017. Cairn is listed on the London Stock Exchange with its headquarters in Edinburgh and offices in London, Norway, Senegal and Mexico.
Supporter since 2016

Statement of Support

Our culture is deeply rooted in our commitment to working responsibly. This means working to deliver value for our stakeholders in a safe, secure, environmental and socially responsible manner. Externally, adherence to key global agreements and standards promoting responsible working practices within business is critical to us. This includes the UN Global Compact, The Extractive Industries Transparency process and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Engagement with the EITI

As a member of EITI the company applies the EITI global transparency Standard and discloses payments to government accordingly where the company operates. Cairn Energy also actively participates in EITI working groups in Senegal.

Cairn Energy operates in several locations with diverse tax obligations and requirements. It seeks to comply with local rules and regulations in every territory. The company's tax strategy includes not entering into any artificial tax planning and aligning any tax planning with genuine commercial activity. In 2019 the company paid US$37.8 million to governments in Cairn’s operational locations.

Strengthening transparency

As a listed public company in the UK, Cairn Energy reports annually in line with UK regulations. It also reports on payments to governments under the European Union Accounting Directive on a country-by-country basis.

Link to the statement of support on Cairn's website

Statement of Support to the EITI on Cairn Energy's website