About Codelco

Codelco is an autonomous Company, property of all Chileans.  It is the largest copper producer in the world.  In its 46 years of operation, has produced 59 million tons of copper.  In 2016 Codelco produced 1,827,267 metric tons of refined copper, equivalent to 9% of the copper mined in the word.  Chile is not an EITI implementing country.

“The global leadership position of our country and our company in the mining sector comes with a great responsibility.  This is why, Codelco strongly supports the international agenda promoting transparency of the extractive industries, and in the last years has developed a number of principles on the issue: higher standards on conflict of interest, permanent auditing of non-tendered procurement, and publication of relevant information on our dedicated website, among other”.  Patricio Chávez, Codelco Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability. 

Has your company provided data in all the EITI implementing countries when asked?

Codelco does not have operations in EITI implementing countries.  Codelco provides all reporting information required by national regulations regarding transparency of revenues.

Financial contributions to the international EITI

Codelco is a member of ICMM.  ICMM makes a contribution to the international EITI on behalf of all of its members.

Other relevant information

Codelco, as a state owned company discloses all payments to the Chiliean government.  These can be found on our financial reports, which can be accessed at the following link (


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