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November, 2012

Implementing EITI for Impact: A Handbook for Policy Makers and Stakeholders

As the initial experiences of EITI-implementing countries were becoming evident during 2004–2007, the World Bank-EITI-MDTF program published “Implementing EITI: Applying Early Lessons from the Field,” in 2008. Supplementing the “EITI Source Book” and other EITI literature, it was designed to provide EITI practitioners and stakeholders with a practical guide to implementing EITI through examples of good-fit practices.
Since then, EITI has achieved significant traction and momentum, and is now an established global standard, with many countries across the world actively implementing it. This handbook reaches out to countries that aspire to implement the EITI, are currently implementing it, or have already implemented it, by providing guidance on (a) implementing EITI, (b) overcoming common challenges to EITI implementation, and (c) “mainstreaming” EITI by using it as a platform for continued reforms, in general, and sector-specific governance, leading to inclusive, integrated, and sustainable growth and development.