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Research on the EITI
Published Date: 
June, 2015

Beyond Governments

This book sets out a framework for governance entrepreneurs wishing to implement collective governance, outlining its practicalities and pitfalls, and drawing out the experience of the international standard, the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). It is written by the Head and Deputy Head of the EITI, Jonas Moberg and Eddie Rich. 

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In a world characterized by globalization, governments increasingly find themselves unable to govern. Corruption is everywhere, natural resources are being exploited, the environment damaged, markets distorted, and the fight against poverty is often ineffective. Certain challenges cannot be addressed by governments alone. Increasingly, collective governance “beyond governments” is seen as part of the solution, with state and non-state actors working together.

This book sets out a framework for those wishing to implement collective governance, involving civil society, companies and governments as key actors. Based on over eight years of running the most advanced example of collective governance at international level, the Head and Deputy Head of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) outline the practicalities and pitfalls, and draw out the experience of the EITI as a case example.

Beyond Governments tells a positive story of how this type of innovative governance can make real achievements, but also cautions against those who see collective governance as a silver bullet to solve development challenges. It provides practical guidance from a practitioner’s perspective and is essential reading for those in government, business and academia.