Financial institutions

Financial institutions, including lending institutions and institutional investors, play a significant role in shaping transparency practices for all business sectors and they are a critical pillar of the EITI. Financial institutions supporting the EITI agree to a Statement of support to the EITI from financial and lending institutions.

In 2017, the financial institutions agreed to change the process for being recognised as an EITI supporter. The previous list of 90 supporting institutional investors is available here. The invitation to support is now extended beyond institutional investors to include banks and other financial institutions. The below list of companies have:

  • Signed the statement of support reflecting their interest in good governance in the sector and the increasing data and beneficial ownership information becoming available through the EITI with relevance to financial institutions. 

  • Paid a minimum fee of USD 9,950 per year.

Financial institutions are represented on the EITI Board through one representative (Sasja Beslik of Nordea) and one alternate (presently vacant).

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