Beneficial ownership transparency: Milestones on the road to 2020 - Highlights from EITI countries

Published Date: 
October, 2017

More than 50 EITI countries have published their plans for how to disclose the real owners of companies in their extractive sector by January 2020. This includes building an institutional and legal framework, putting in place reporting processes and creating registers to host the BO data. Implementing countries will need substantial advice and political support in turning these commitments into reality. This brief highlights progress made so far by a selection of EITI countries in “opening up ownership”.

Terms of Reference for the working group on transparency in commodity trading

Published Date: 
May, 2016

The objective is to help the EITI become as effective a vehicle as possible for advancing the broader aim of improving transparency of commodity trading. To achieve this, a multi-stakeholder working group on transparency on commodity trading has been created. Working group participants are committed towards playing a demonstrable role in strengthening government and company systems, informing public debate, and enhancing trust.