Overview of EITI reports

Published Date: 
February, 2010

Since 2003 a total of 41 EITI Reports have been produced by countries implementing the EITI. Based on EITI's rules, the scope and structure of EITI Reports are determined by the national EITI Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) to ensure local ownership of the EITI process. As a result, EITI Reports between countries can vary in terms of the sectors covered, aggregated or disaggregated data, regularity of the reporting cycle and the reporting currencies. Timely reporting is also varied due to a lack of EITI guidance.

The Political Economy of the Resource Curse: A Literature Survey

Published Date: 
April, 2006
Institute of Development Studies

Michael Rosser, Centre for the Future State, Institute of Development Studies, IDS Working Papers - 268, Brighton, United Kingdom, April 2006.

This paper presents a critical survey of the literature on the 'resource curse', focusing on three main questions: (i) are natural resources bad for development?; (ii) what causes the resource curse?; and, (iii) how can the resource curse be overcome? In respect of these questions, three observations are made. First,

UN Resolution on the EITI

Published Date: 
September, 2008
United Nations General Assembly

The 62nd session of the UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution on the subject of 'Strengthening Transparency in Industries'. The resolution gives strong backing to the EITI by noting that EITI implementing countries' efforts to strengthen transparency.

The resolution, that was passed unanimously 11 September 2008, emphasises that transparency and accountability should be embraced and promoted by all its member states.