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Appel à vos témoignages - contribuez à une nouvelle publication de l'ITIE

The EITI has been growing strongly over the last two years and there are now 30 countries implementing the EITI around the world. As the initiative grows, so does the demand for stories about how the EITI is making a positive impact in the countries where it is being implemented. Measuring the impact of the EITI is a difficult task. In most cases, EITI activities are contributing to larger-scale efforts at reducing corruption, improving public financial management and improving the business operating environment.

Hearing directly from those people who are involved in implementing the EITI or have been affected by it in some way, will provide important information for all stakeholders. Stories about the EITI from company managers, government officials, civil society, international organisations, donors, and members of the general public are all encouraged. Examples of the kinds of stories we are hoping to receive include:

  • Stories from civil society about how the multi-stakeholder group has helped them to gain access to government and company officials and what that access has produced—improved freedom of expression and security, stronger accountability, different company behaviour;
  • Specific examples from government about how the EITI process has improved revenue management; helped them find money they didn't know they had; helped them to deal with companies; reduced corruption; helped to recover lost funds, etc.;
  • Stories from union or trade organisations about how the EITI has facilitated communications with companies and improved relations e.g. reduced tensions, reduced strikes and violence;
  • Specific examples from companies of where the EITI engagement has reduced tensions, helped them to understand local issues better; improved the business environment (and how specifically); improved worker relations;
  • Examples from governments and supporters where the EITI has benefitted other in-country programmes such as anti-corruption efforts; public financial management; capacity building, etc.;
  • Examples from international stakeholders where the EITI as a whole has helped international governance and multi-stakeholder efforts.

Please submit your contributions by using the "add new comment" function on this blog. You can leave these comments anonymously if you wish. We look forward to hearing from you here on our website. We hope to compile many of the stories we receive into an EITI publication presenting some of the many ways the EITI is making a positive impact in global efforts to reduce corruption and improve governance in the extractives industries. 

If you have any questions or would like to send something via email, please contact Christopher Eads, at the International Secretariat.