Dernières nouvelles

GDF SUEZ soutient l'ITIE

The French based company GDF SUEZ became officially an EITI Supporting Company in July 2009. It is the 42nd company to subscribe to the EITI on the international level. GDF SUEZ underlines the importance of transparency and encourages governments and companies in the extractive industry to publicly disclose payment information.

GDF SUEZ is the leading buyer of natural gas and importer of LNG in Europe, and 5th electricity producer in Europe. The Group is also 2nd supplier of services to the environment in the world (water and waste treatment).

The company operates in North and Latin America, as well as in other European and Asian countries. It has exploration and production activities in the EITI implementing countries Norway, Mauritania, the Ivory Coast, and Azerbaijan.

EITI Chairman Peter Eigen welcomed GDF SUEZ into the EITI family “It is particularly welcome to have the involvement of one of the largest energy producers in the world.  Their work along the entire value chain adds a welcome dimension to our efforts”.

For further information, visit the GDF SUEZ website, or contact Regional Director Eddie Rich at the EITI Secretariat.