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Spain seeks to deepen its support of the EITI

[img_assist|nid=383|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=150|height=92]On 28 May 2008, members of the Commission for International Cooperation of the Spanish parliament met with EITI Chairman Peter Eigen and Sarah Wykes and Marie-Ange Kalenga of PWYP. The parlamentarians agreed to deepen the debate on future Spanish engagement with the EITI and has already asked the Spanish government to explore future steps.

The meeting that was organised the day after the EITI board meeting in Madrid, and was facilitated by FRIDE, a European Madrid-based think tank. FRIDE has published an activity brief from the meeting that can be found here.

Also, on Monday 2 June, the Spanish State Secretary of International Cooperation Leire Pají, co-authored an op-ed in the Spanish newspaper Cinco Días with Peter Eigen. They write that Spain firmly supports the objectives and goals of the EITI. The article is available here (in Spanish).