Niger EITI candidature application

Date de publication: 
June, 2020
Uganda EITI

Niger's candidature application was received by the EITI Secretariat on 10 October 2019. Niger's candidature application form, together with supporting documentation, were approved by the MSG on 7 October 2019.

Below you can find the following documents:

Letter Prime Minister Niger re-joining EITI

Niger EITI Candidature Application Form

Speech Prime Minister at the extractive industry governance conference

Speech Minister of Petroleum Paris Conference

Speech MSG Chair and Chief of Staff  MSG meeting

Niger EITI 2019-2021 workplan

Modèle de Termes de Référence pour la présentation des Rapports ITIE 2020

Date de publication: 
May, 2020

This document is a model Terms of Reference (TOR) for EITI reporting, in accordance with the EITI Board’s decision on 25 May to allow more flexibility in recognition of the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Through this Board decision, the EITI introduced flexible measures for EITI Reports published in 2020, where data collection and dissemination is feasible without posing health risks and subject to MSG endorsement. The TORs set out the work to be undertaken by the MSG and the national secretariat.

Financial statements of the Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) and successor accounts

Date de publication: 
March, 2020

This is a compendium of publicly-accessible financial statements for the account to which Iraq's oil and gas export revenues are transferred.  

The financial statements of the Central Bank of Iraq's Development Fund for Iraq (DFI) and its successor accounts, such as the Oil Proceeds Account (DFI-2), at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York are audited annually to international standards. Other supporting documentation,