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5th EITI Members' Meeting

Announcement of EITI Members' meeting

The EITI Board will host a Members' Meeting, alongside the EITI Global Conference, on 17 June at 16:00 at the OECD Conference Centre, 2, rue André Pascal, Paris.

The EITI Members' meeting is the highest governance body of the EITI. It meets every three years to appoint the EITI Board for the next two years. A Member of the EITI Association is a personal representative of a country (meaning state), company, organisation or legal entity that is appointed by a Constituency as set out in Articles 5 (2) and (3). Each Constituency decides on its rules governing appointments of Members of the EITI Association.

The list of registered members of the EITI Association for the period 2019-2022 can be found here and the registry will the kept by the EITI International Secretariat. 

The agenda for the 5th EITI Members meeting is available here and the papers for the meeting will be circulated shortly

Guidelines for processes for each constituency can be found on the EITI website and at the below links:

1.       Implementing Country Constituency

2.       Supporting Country Constituency

3.       Civil Society Constituency

4.       Supporting Companies Constituency

Further guidance is available in the Constituency Guidelines as well as in the EITI Articles of Association []

Questions relating to the EITI Members meeting can be directed to Eddie Rich, Deputy Head, EITI Secretariat.

A Member may be represented in the EITI Member’s Meeting by written proxy. The proxy may also include specific voting instructions. A proxy must be received by Leah Krogsund ( by noon (Paris time) on 15 June 2019.

Those who wish to observe the meeting should register with Leah Krogsund by noon Paris time on Friday 7 June 2019.