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UN resolution on the EITI

The UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution on the subject of 'Strengthening Transparency in Industries'. The resolution gives strong backing to the EITI by noting EITI implementing countries' efforts to strengthen transparency.

[UPDATED with link to the resolution.]

The resolution, that was passed unanimously 11 September, emphasises that transparency and accountability should be embraced and promoted by all its member states.

Furthermore, it "notes the efforts of countries that are participating in all relevant voluntary initiatives, to improve transparency and accountability in industries, including the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative in the extractive sector and to share their experience with the interested Member States."

Commenting on the resolution Dr Peter Eigen, Chairman of the EITI, said "The recognition of the EITI in an UN resolution marks a major milestone in our efforts to promote the EITI as the international standard for transparency in the extractive sector. Congratulations and thanks for the remarkable efforts undertaken to achieve this resolution by implementing and supporting countries, as well as by civil society."

The resolution was tabled by the Government of Azerbaijan and co-sponsored by 22 other countries. Shahmar Movsumov, Executive Director of the Azeri State Oil Fund and EITI Board member, said "Azerbaijan's strong belief that transparency is a crucial factor in sustainable development and active participation in EITI since the launch of the initiative were grounds for it to initiate UN General Assembly resolution in support of transparency. It is a great success of Governments of all countries who were standing next to Azerbaijan in this process as well as civil societies and companies working in these countries."

The resolution is available at the EITI website.