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Stalled EITI process in Niger

The civil society representatives of the multi-stakeholder group in Niger suspended on 16 August their participation in the EITI process until further notice.

The representatives cited increasingly serious incidents of harassment and intimidation against civil society activists campaigning for good governance and transparency in Niger, including the arbitrary arrest and detention of Rotab/PWYP Niger Member Marou Amadou. In making the announcement, the representatives reiterated their determination to participate in the responsible management of their country’s natural resources. They have also established the conditions for their re-entry into the EITI process. For additional details, see this statement from PWYP International.

The active participation of civil society organisations a core principle of the EITI. EITI criterion 5 requires that “Civil society is actively engaged as a participant in the design, monitoring and evaluation of this process and contributes towards public debate”.

The EITI Chairman Peter Eigen and the International Secretariat have concluded that the process is effectively stalled, are in contact with the Government and have expressed their serious concerns.

For further information about the EITI process in Niger, contact Regional Director Tim Bittiger.