Тип публикации: 
Other guidance
Published Date: 
January, 2012

Заметка № 2 к вопросу о добросовестной практике в рамках ИПДО: Коммуникации

This is an EITI Good Practice Note on the types of communications activities that can be undertaken by EITI implementing countries. In an effort to help countries implementing the EITI better communicate their activities, the International Secretariat has reviewed communications activities in different EITI countries and gathered here examples of effective and innovative ways to strengthen communicating the EITI.

The EITI Good Practice Notes provide examples of ways implementing countries can improve implementation. Good Practice examples are not intended to elaborate EITI requirements. Requirements for EITI Compliance are found in the EITI Rules. The EITI Good Practice Notes describe practices that go beyond the basic requirements for EITI Compliance.