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Open calls
Published Date: 
February, 2022

Request for Proposals - Engaging local communities in Cesar, Colombia

The EITI International Secretariat, with the support from the Ford Foundation, is seeking proposals from a group of consultants / a firm to strengthen its support to the Cesar community in Colombia on subnational revenues and its use for community development and regional planning. The objective of this assignment is to increase overall understanding of subnational payments and transfers for extractive projects, as well as ongoing and commissioned energy transition projects, for increased local community understanding, long-term planning and a just transition.

The consultant must be from a reputable company/one or more individual(s) with a proven reputation, perceived by the EITI International Secretariat to be credible, trustworthy, experienced and technically competent. Proposals should be submitted in Spanish, following the guidelines noted in the attached terms of reference. 

A consultant will be selected following a quality- and cost-based selection procedure.

Consultants should submit:

  • Technical Proposal, outlining: (a) the experience of the firm / consultants, (b) the proposed methodology and work plan in response to the Terms of Reference (TORs) and (c) the key experts’ qualifications and competence. The Technical Proposal should not include any financial information. Technical proposals containing material financial information shall be declared non-responsive. When preparing your proposal, we kindly ask you to include a section on potential conflicts of interest. This section should identify any areas of work, including past, present or future consultancies related to the EITI, which might pose a conflict of interest. Please also describe strategies that you intend to use to minimize those risks.
  • Financial Proposal, clearly indicating a lump sum financial proposal, inclusive of all costs associated with required travel and applicable taxes. The financial proposal should clearly differentiate fees from any other reimbursable expenses. The daily rate for the consultant fees should be clearly indicated. The Financial Proposal should be sent as a password protected PDF file. The passwords should not be sent. The passwords will be requested following the assessment of the technical proposals.

Proposals must be delivered by email to by close of 31 March 2022. Detailed scope of the assignment is listed in the attached terms of reference. If you have any questions, please contact by close of March 24 2022.