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February, 2010

Overview of EITI reports

Since 2003 a total of 41 EITI Reports have been produced by countries implementing the EITI. Based on EITI's rules, the scope and structure of EITI Reports are determined by the national EITI Multi-Stakeholder Group (MSG) to ensure local ownership of the EITI process. As a result, EITI Reports between countries can vary in terms of the sectors covered, aggregated or disaggregated data, regularity of the reporting cycle and the reporting currencies. Timely reporting is also varied due to a lack of EITI guidance.

This paper provides a country by country summary in US dollars of the total revenues reported by companies and governments in the most recently published EITI Reports. Key facts regarding each country's EITI Report such as the largest categories of revenue payments, sectors covered and year of reporting have also been highlighted. The primary aim of this report is to illustrate the total revenue flows being covered by the EITI process. It does not seek to study reported discrepancies or investigate the validity of underlying data series in EITI Reports.