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Analysis by the EITI
Published Date: 
December, 2010

EITI Impact in Africa

This report presents examples from stakeholders on the ground in Africa, which illustrate how the EITI process has generated positive changes in the extractive sectors.

These changes have been relating to trust building, governance, economic management, civil society engagement and improved business environment. The EITI has been growing strongly over the last two years and there are now 32 countries implementing the EITI around the world. Of these 32 countries, 20 are in Sub Saharan Africa, highlighting the unique governance challenges faced in many countries across the continent.

From this paper it can be concluded that while the EITI in itself is not sufficient to eradicate corruption in the extractive sectors, it is an essential part of th esolution. The multi-stakeholder approach of the EITI is creating a platform for dialogue and engagement which previously did not exist in many countries, while the EITI reporting process is generating data on revenues that was either previously not available or difficult to access for interested stakeholders.