Guidance note 8
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Guidance note
Published Date: 
April, 2016

Guidance note 8 on MSG oversight of the EITI reporting cycle

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Countries that implement the EITI commit to the regular disclosure of data about their extractive industries. This disclosure is overseen by a multi-stakeholder group (requirement 1), covers all stages along the extractive industries value chain (requirements 2-6), should contribute to a wider public debate on the management of the sector (requirement 7) and needs to take place in a timely manner (requirement 8).  The annual publication of EITI Reports is a key element of this, even if some or most of the disclosure increasingly takes place through government webpages or other channels. This note provides guidance to the MSG on some of the key challenges involved in overseeing the EITI reporting cycle, drawing on insights from implementing countries. The note also highlights additional guidance materials that MSGs may wish to review in more detail. 

Figure 1 presents a stylised “EITI reporting cycle”, which this guidance note follows. It is important to emphasise that this model does not seek to capture all of the objectives, decisions and activities that the MSG will undertake related to EITI reporting. In many cases, EITI implementation will deviate from this model. Nevertheless, the model is a useful reference point for highlighting some of the key steps in the process, and common challenges encountered in implementing countries. Readers are advised to refer to the EITI Standard to verify the detailed requirements that need to be satisfied in order to achieve and maintain compliance. 

Figure 1

EITI reporting cycle


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