Ms Alexandra GUAQUETA

External Affairs, Global Practice Leader, Rio Tinto
Board Member Type: 
Companies & Investors

Alexandra Guaqueta is External Affairs, global practice leader at Rio Tinto, in the Legal and External Affairs function, and is based in Washington DC. She is responsible for the implementation of the Transparency and Human Rights policies and coordinates global stakeholder engagement. Alexandra has 10-year experience in mining, oil & gas focusing on political and social risk, sustainability/ESG and social stakeholder engagement at local and international levels. She was instrumental in Colombia joining the EITI as an implementing country and has been a long-time advocate of responsible business conduct. Alexandra served as a member of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights, was Post-Conflict Director in the Government of Colombia, and has ample experience in communities and social performance, regional economic development, community investment, grievance mechanisms, FPIC and indigenous rights, resettlement, artisanal mining.