2012-2013 Afghanistan EITI Report

Published Date: 
January, 2016
Afghanistan EITI

This is the Fourth Afghanistan EITI Report, which covers the two fiscal periods 1391 (21st March - 20th December 2012) and 1392 (21st December 2012 – 20th December 2013). See PDF attached below.

Afghanistan EITI (AEITI) have also produced an infographic version of this report, see attached below.

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Report of the Independent Administrator to the AEITI MSGIntroductionExecutive SummaryThe Extractive Industries in AfghanistanOverview of Flows Reported and Reporting Entities  Approach,

2014 Mongolia EITI report

Mongolia 2014 EITI Report

Published Date: 
December, 2015
Mongolia EITI

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Various new initiatives and enhancements to the process have been introduced as part of the 2014 reconciliation and report preparation. A selection of the main ones are set out below, with further details provided in the body of our report.

-  The M.EITI's web-based E-Reporting system was launched, and payment information was initially reported by companies and government entities for the first time through this web-based E-Reporting system;

Iraq 2014 EITI Report

Iraq 2014 EITI Report

Published Date: 
April, 2016

This report summarizes the results of these reconciliation processes, in addition to, information pertaining to the Oil and Gas Sector and the Extractive Industries in Iraq.

It does not include reconciliation of data related to the extractive industries (including oil & gas) in Kurdistan Region. This data was requested from the Kurdistan Regional Government but it was not provided, however, IEITI Stakeholder Council has requested the inclusion of information about the extractive industry in KRG based on publicly available information.